Coaching themes:
• Leadership through change
• Personal ambition & organizational alignment
• Creating cohesive, culturally sensitive, and inclusive teams
• Onboarding & integrating into new roles and workplace
• Preparing future leadership and for future of work
• Elevating leadership persona & presence
• Contextual and adaptive leadership

Coaching methods:
• In-person
• Zoom – audio/video

• English

+65 – 9299 4142

About Preeti

Preeti is an established Leadership Development, Leadership Transition, and Emotional Resilience Coach with 21+ years of global experience as a people & business leader.

In her career, she has led to success multi-million dollar global sales operations and business verticals, and multicultural teams. She has worked from Asia with executive leaders and teams based in USA, London, South Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, and India among others.

She has first-hand experienced organizational leadership, business focus, and strategy changes, and the effect that these changes and even what onboarding and integration misalignment can bring to leaders and teams. She has a strong track record of leading teams to remain resilient in times of change and uncertainty, be focused on goals and deliverables, and perform despite changing focus and circumstances.

Her work across a diversity of levels – from the board, executive leaders, managers to the front-line teams also lends to understanding organizational context, business and relational complexities and pre-empt challenges.

With her focus on what the leader needs, she is able to pivot in the moment from being a coach to a sounding board to a thinking partner or a strategic advisor, the ability that is seen as her edge and much appreciated by her clients.

More about her

Preeti has been associated with the luxury industry for 21+ years amd has worked with large MNCs including De Beers and the GIA. Her people-centricity and her drive of (always) empowering people led her to expand her repertoire to include professional coaching in 2019. She has trained with the top coaching organizations – Co-Active Training Institite (CTI), Marshall Goldsmith (MGSCC), Global Coach Group (GCG), Positive Intelligence (PQ) and is an ICF Accredited Coach – ACC.

She was born in India into a tightly-knit Indian family to a national award-winning entrepreneur father and a home-maker mother. She grew up being surrounded by business talks, wins, and challenges. Resilience and owning who you are became ingrained in her early on, and her quiet and introverted personality sharpened her observation, intuition, and curiosity to find meaning behind people and events.

She has a close group of three life-long friends whom she also considers family. She came to Singapore in 2010 and has been living here ever since. She loves dogs and has an Irish blonde cockapoo called ‘Ocean’. She is an avid traveller and loves experiencing different cultures, history, art, architecture, and cuisines. She practices Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, is a yoga enthusiast, a professionally trained dancer, an artist, and a foodie.

Her passion projects:

She is the acrchitect and co-lead of ICF Singapore’s Health & Wellness Community of Practice for ICF coaches, is a business mentor with Halogen Foundation, and also volunteers her time with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Care group in Singapore.