“with dreams and aspiration to empower humanized leadership”.

Have you ever felt this unstoppable desire for something that your heart truly believes in, would do it despite the odds and feel proud about how far you have come? I have. I have come a long way in the past 20+ years and I have yet a long way to go for the next 20, 40, and as long as I live.

My career began in Mumbai, India more than two decades ago when I first stepped foot in the diamond industry.

Starting off at the lowest level with a local start-up in Mumbai (IGL) to being one of the two lead educators with diamond industry’s foremost education provider (the Gemological Institue of America), from moving to Singapore and working with one of SEA’s largest regional high jewelry retailer (Mondial Jeweler and being a senior leader within the industry’s oldest and largest diamond mining global conglomerate’s e-sales platform (De Beers Auctions), I have done it all, worn many hats, and seen a lot of progression.

It wasn’t simple or easy and it wasn’t all successes. But my work with people at all levels – from the board to the front line – across the supply chain – upstream, midstream, and downstream, and across the globe – India, South East Asia, Europe, the UK, the USA, and South Africa – sharpened my people capabilities and challenged my thinking and doing each time.

My passion for people was strong through the years, rather that’s how I operate – through people. Whether I was leading the business, its operations, strategy, or sales. I would always strive to know each of my team member and peers at a personal level to find out who they are and what motivates them, and use that as a bridge to work with (and through) them.

My desire to create impact through people grew stronger with time. I however only realized my unique ability and natural inclination for it when I had my first brush with coaching. with Co-Active Training Institute‘s coach program. As I coached and received coaching, my desire to become a better leader soon converted into becoming a professional coach.

The say “people don’t quit bad jobs, they quit bad bosses”. And true it is. My touchpoints at various levels and multi-culturally, working with truly inspiring leaders taught me what it means to be a true leader – inspiring and empowering. But I’ve also experienced first-hand the negative impact of a toxic boss, colleague, and a toxic micro-culture. My own experience combined with those of my collleagues and friends (asshared by them) I learnt how leaders must not to be – disempowering, negating, and untrusting.

As I went through the process of becoming a professional coach, my desire to make an impact, and to create humanized, equitable, and inclusive cultures that value diversity of opinion, background, and experiences started taking shape. And thus my foray into coaching continued to grow as I acquired knowledge and certifications with Marshall Goldsmith, Global Coach Group, and Positive Intelligence.

After 2+ years and 200+ hrs into the domain of coaching and being ICF Accredited – ACC, I feel highly energized and also grateful. I have had the honor and privilege to work with some fantastic leaders from varied backgrounds and industries – finance, fintech, luxury jewellery, luxury travel, law, health & wellness, media sales, social causes. While I added to their growth, they added to mine with each session and engagement bettering my skills and making me a better coach.

Through the process of coaching, I have also come to own who I am and love that I can indulge further in both my worlds of passion – people and diamonds – as a leadership coach ( and I as a diamonds & high jewelry sales coach (gemographyx).

I bring my whole self to my engagements – my values reflect in what I do, and my beliefs in how I do it. One of my beliefs is that one must ‘never stop learning’ and ‘never stop growing’. The day you do you stagnate and life will be in a limbo and you will be languishing.

More about ME:
I was born in India into a tightly-knit Indian family to a national award-winning entrepreneur father and a home-maker mother, with a quick-witted and intelligent brother (too much to live up to). Growing up with high-performance standards and a myriad of conversations ranging from business to law to medicine to politics, I caught on to seeing different perspectives. I discovered my personality and remained true to it – an introverted, strong-minded girl, vocal about my values and beliefs, and high on observation, intuition, and curiosity to find meaning behind words and people and connecting the unconnected dots.

I have a close group of three life-long friends – also my family. They anchor me to who I am. I now live in Singapore since 2010. I am a pawrent to my adorable Irish blonde cockapoo called ‘Ocean’. I am a citizen of the globe, an avid traveller and love experiencing different cultures, history, art, architecture, and cuisines. I practice Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism (a practice that believes in limitless human potential), am a yoga enthusiast, a professionally trained dancer, an artist, and a complete foodie.

“The whole life lies ahead of us. I have only just begun.” – Daisaku Ikeda

+ Architect and co-lead of ICF Singapore’s Health & Wellness Community of Practice for ICF coaches,
+ Business mentor with Halogen Foundation – orienting the youth and nurturing their capabilities for leadership and business,
+ Volunteer with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Care group in Singapore,
+ Health Inclusion’ as a New Frontier of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion discourse

“You are a diamond in the making”

You are a diamond and no two diamonds are alike
(there is no other exactly like you);
the journey that each diamond travels
(or you travel);
it’s resilience against erosion
(your challenging circumstances);
the cutting and polishing that creates its shape and facets
(experiences, interactions, and learning that shape your mindset and behaviours);
the unique internal features it has that creates its unique identity
(your inherent values, strengths, and beliefs that makes you unique);

to reveal it’s sparkle and brilliance
(your inherent beauty and potential);
and sometimes breaking along the way
(your unpredictable outcomes);
yet creating value from smaller pieces
(making the best of what lies in front of you);
to reach its destination
(your higher ambition);
and admired for what it is
(to stand out and be your own);
is what makes the diamond’s journey (your journey) unique, rewarding and gratifying“.


I am always available for collaborations, podcast appearances, and speaking engagements. If you want to chat about your work, mindshifts, dogs, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.