Transition coaching for leaders moving into a more senior role, new function, or new organization

Gain clarity on how you and your role fit into the machinery of the larger organization.

Get a handle on the people, systems, processes, culture and how they interact.

Clarify the success metrics and lay a solid foundation and roadmap to get there,

“A seamless and successful transition sets the leader-up for success with the right onboarding mix, the right global access to people, resources, systems, and the right clarity and alignment on expectations and deliverables”.
– Preeti Kurani, Leadership Coach

Our transition journeys are designed to meet your specific onboarding and integrating needs. The programs follow a focused approach where we enable leaders to orient, align, assimilate, activate, and integrate within the ecosystem of their new work or workplace. The program is designed to accelerate knowledge building, expert coaching execution, and learning by doing, and reflecting.

Our Transition programs are ideal for mid to senior level leaders transitioning into a more senior role, a new function, or leadership role in new organization.

How can we help you or your leaders transition seamlessly and successfully?

Build your path above and beyond

  • Build context: Develop quickly new context and playfield within which you will be operating – culture, people, systems, processes.
  • Build intelligence: Data, reports, frameworks, resources what you have access to and what you might need.
  • Build resilience: It’s a landmine. Develop the strength and perspective to bounce back quickly from early setbacks.
  • Build network: Identify, connect, build, involve, maintain a close circle o f trusted teammates, peers, and partners.
  • Build confidence: Inheriting a team can be challenging. Lay the right foundation and frameworks to accelerate onboarding and buy-in.

Unleash full potential!

Start your development journey with us today and set yourself up for long-term success in your new role or organization!