Team coaching and development for established and newly formed teams

Establish a foundation and common language for effective collaboration and performance.

Create new ways of collective thinking and collective doing. Brainstorm, collaborate, innovate.

Establish clear pathways and support systems to achieve both individual and collective goals.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team”.
– Phil Jackson designs team journeys to meet the specific growth and goal requirements of your functional or cross-functional teams.

It follows a robust systematized approach that established the team’s systemic and foundational blocks and activates leadership capabilities at an individual and collective level through expert coaching and learning through collective doing and reflecting.

The journeys are best suited for a team of minimum 5 leaders (including the team leader). Team programs ensures long-term stability and sustainability of your organisation.

How can we help you or your organization build collective capabilities and future-proof your team?

Unleash team potential!

Start your team development journey with us today and future-proof your organization!

Develop your team above and beyond

  • Team alignment: What do you want to achieve together as a team, roles responsibility, accountability, limitations and hindrances.
  • Team micro-culture: How do you want to function, collaborate, strive, thrive, celebrate, have fun.
  • Team behaviours: What stays in, what goes out. what works and what does not work, minimize conflicts.
  • Team communication: What’s the language, tone, words you use? What’s the positive (or negative) impact it can have.
  • Performance standards: What are your stretch goals? Are you unified?
  • Purpose-driven team: Lead with commitment to personal growth, team dependability, and organisational stability.