Talent Wins Games. Teamwork Wins Championships. – michael jordan

The work of Marshall Goldsmith has earned him the recognition as the world’s top executive leadership coach and a global thought leader in the field of leadership development. His 1:1 Stakeholder Centered Coaching® has worked for over two decades with 95% of leaders improving their leadership effectiveness while having their stakeholders work with them in the rhythm of everyday work.

The principles and practices used in TEAM Stakeholder Centered Coaching® are all the same as 1:1 coaching. The difference between the two primarily lies in the opportunities and multi-fold impact a team can make versus that of the leader leading the team.

The role of the Team Sponsor and Leader is critical in setting direction, ensuring buy-in at all levels of the organization, and in advocating the importance of the coaching effort to the team.

the TEAM Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process includes:

I. Kickstart
3 x 120-mins sessions

+ Working with the team sponsor (if different from the team leader).
+ Planning the kick-off meeting with the team leader.
+ Conducting and leading the kick-off meeting with the team.

II. Team Alignment and Coaching
2-days workshop followed with 12 x monthly sessions

+ Facilitating the team’s individual and shared goals, and aligning it to organizational goals.
+ Monthly 1:1 coaching the team leader, and individual member

III. Review

+ Conducting quarterly mini-survey results and after action review.
+ Quarterly group coaching the team leader and members.
+ Conducting final mini-survey results.

What is Stakeholder Centered Coaching?

What makes Stakeholder Centered Coaching unique?

What’s the value-add we bring to the TEAM Stakeholder Centered Coaching process?*

+ Monthly sessions.
+ Bi-weekly brief check-ins for the team.
+ Unlimited brief check-ins for the team leader.

Skill Building
+ Leader-as-Coach training.
+ Access to our Learning Portal for strengthening leadership competencies.

Positive Intelligence (PQ)
+ Understanding triggers and self-sabotaging behaviours of self and team.
+ Learning techniques and skills to move past it, optimizing collaboration and performances.

What’s the outcome you are aiming for?

2-days workshop + 3 x team leader coaching sessions
+ Align on team goals, responsibilities, and deliverables.
+ Align with organizational goals and vision.
+ Improve collaboration with a clear team charter.

Alignment + 6-months
+ Continued implementation of team charter.
+ Review and course correction.
+ Problem-solving and conflict resolution.
+ Growth and change begins to measure up.

+ Measurable growth and visible lasting change
+ United working towards shared and individual goals.
+ In sync of individual drivers, critical planning, and risks associated.
+ Elevated leadership capabilities, individual, and overall team performances.

Successful teams are made, not born.