“With rapidly changing business models, technology disruptions, and changing business needs and environments, it is hard to know or predict what will happen in the future. But what leaders can indeed learn and adopt today is contextual intelligence (CI) that helps them operate in changing contexts despite chaos and complexities.”Preeti Kurani

All our programs – leadership, leadership integration, and team – are designed to equip leaders with contextual intelligence, leadership mindset, and leadership behaviours they need to create impact today and to be future-ready.

There are various ways for organizations to get started. Depending on where your organizational leaders are today and what your leaders need, you can go with Foundation, Accelerator, or High-Impact.


Leaders today need to be more agile than ever and operate decisively and fast with the changing context of their work or how they operate.

Leaders through their ongoing work with their mindshifts.co coach, develop contextual intelligence, gain new perspectives, engage stakeholders, and nurture relationships. They will uncover what possibly enables or hinders their leadership effectiveness, be more emotionally resilient, learn to maximise their performance and potential in the current and future context(s), and be strategic in their approaches to drive positive and high-impact outcomes.


Working with their coach, leaders work through changing contexts and influences, making consistent efforts towards continued success and impact.

Mindshift, behaviour change, and contextual intelligence take time to become second nature and also conscious connecting. Continued awareness, thinking space to reflect, a partner to seek clarity and strategize, leaders learn skills beyond leadership that they deploy at various levels of interaction creating collaborative and contextual workplaces.

What it entails:
Leadership Accelerator
Coach Connect: 6-months on-demand coaching


Working with their coach, leaders translate their plan into action, working incrementally towards mindset and behaviour change.

Fast-track your leaders growth and success. Leaders grow with a cyclical process of reflecting, learning, and doing. Shifting mindset, operating with context, strategy, and elevated leadership skills, enhancing leadership presence, addressing challenges, and elevating their awareness and consciousness to right actions for right results.

What it entails:
Leadership Foundation
6-months Leadership Coaching
Leader-Coach Model


An important starting point and a perfect tool for evaluating leadership strengths and areas of improvement and using the data to help leaders lead the way forward.

Organizations understand objectively where their leaders stand and leaders learn to use the data to learn and gain deeper insights into the set of behaviours and habits imperative for their success, paradoxes they might face and how to work with them, triggers and inner critics that might come in the way, and how they can deliberately connect who you are to how they lead effectively themselves and their team.

What it entails:
Global Leadership Assessment 360 & Debrief
Learning Workshop and Leadership Compass


The first 100 days are vitally important for leaders to succeed early and gain some esrly wins. And most organizations have a well-equipped onboarding program lasting from several days to a month.

At mindshifts.co, we take it further and support the leaders through their first 180 days to help them not only get onboarded effectively but also integrated through structured planning, alignment, introductions, and integration workshops to make their role easier and more rewarding.


Using what the workshops have established, the leader works with the coach to execute his/her integration strategy and plan.

Get started on your plan with continued alliance with your coach and set it in motion to establish working synergies with team, stakeholder affiliations, and working processes. Gauge organizational culture, understand decision-matrix, learn fast and execute intelligent.

What it entails:
Integration Foundation
6-months Integration Coaching


Understand what’s important and what matters in orienting, aligning, assimilating, integrating and setting the leaders up for success in their new roles.

This 2-part workshop series – one, conducted with the key organizational leaders to align on readiness and two, planning with and preparing the leader to assume leadership in their new role through a well-structured and organization-aligned onboarding and integration program assuring early success both-ways.

What it entails:
2-part Onboarding & Integration Workshop
First 100-Days Planning


Creating high-impact and contextual teams future proofs organizational stability. As team members come together to work together understanding each other, leveraging collective strength, and maximising collective thinking and performance, it creates the right impetus for continually evolving to generate lasting positive impact, new thinking, and better ways of working.

At mindshifts.co, in all our programs we help the team lay their foundation together with their i2we compass – a guiding star that helps the team connect, contextualize, collaborate through daily work and challenges.


Working with their coach, team leader and members will focus on their long term goals, growth, and sustainability making consistent efforts in elevating cohesiveness and higher-performances.

Working synergies, building inclusivity, and (psychological) safety, and continually evolving new ways of working, takes time and continued commitment. Working with the coach on a long-term basis provides the opportunity and the support to the team to solidify what they built together in their foundation, making long-term visible and measurable impact a true possibility.

What it entails:
Team Accelerator
Coach Connect: 6-months on-demand coaching for team leader


Working with their coach, team leader and members will focus on their long term goals, growth, and sustainability making consistent efforts in elevating cohesiveness and higher-performances.

Support your leadership teams through monthly team leader and team coaching to iron out challenges, working obstacles, and conflicts. They will learn different team skills each month and build better working synergies as they work in partnership with another team member.

What it entails:
Team Foundation
6-months 1:1 Team Leader Coaching
6-months Team Coaching


Create the mindset for context, collaboration, and coherence with the i2we team compass which leads the way for team to move onward and forward

This 3-days workshop that follows the individual leadership and team assessment, sets the stage for the right conditions for the team to come together under the team’s leader to create their working i2we compass, and establish behaviours to create an inclusive and (psychologically) safe environment for ideas and suggestions to flow freely, and for growth and higher performances to take place effectively.

What it entails:
360 Leadership Assessment (for all leaders)
Team Assessment
3-days Workshop
i2we Team Compass

What are the biggest leadership unmet needs you have today? What would make your onboarding and integrating agenda for new leaders more successful? What are the pre-emptive team or future of work challenges you want to be prepared for?

Let’s chat to understand how we can support your leaders and teams?