It is time to rethink leadership. Here are our four systemic beliefs.

I. Self leadership
Be in charge and in control of your success.

Personal leadership is about reimagining how you sees yourself and raising awareness to your mindset, behaviours, strengths, blind spots, triggers and inherent limitations. It is also being aware to perceptions and narratives you create and the abilities displayed to make informed decisions, problem-solve and overcome challenges.

II. People leadership
Be in charge of the success, performance, and well-being of your people.

Organizations have culture and teams have micro-cultures. Create empowering team dynamics, a culture of willingness to fail, learn, and evolve, and energy of inclusion of diverse perspectives, background, and experiences. Have unanimity on the language of team interactions and perception of your team, and what (more) can you do to create more success, visibility, and recognition.

III. Organizational leadership
Simplify the complex structures and your fit within.

Clarify how your function and role fits into the larger organization wheel, what functions interact with your role, what’s their influence or the dependability of their success – on your function. Focus on what matters and is important in the organizational context and integrate into the workplace to ensure long-term credibility and success.

IV. Thought leadership
Create pathways to your higher ambition.

Successes, credible work, and performance are a great part of what’s next, but not the only part. Operate with clarity, consciousness, and context. Focus on extending reach and building influence through externalising your successes. Be recognized as a credible voice and a reliable, powerful and impactful leader next-for-succession.

Learn how these systemic beliefs influence and why integrates them into development.

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Our 6-step cyclical growth process

  • Envision: What’s your higher ambition?

    Define your ambition, your purpose, and your secret desire of the leader and professional you’d like to become.

  • Evaluate: Where you are and the distance you need to travel?

    Discover something known and something new about yourself, about your challenges and opportunities, and objectively assess how far along you are and what competencies and capabilities are needed.

  • Expand: What’s your potential?

    Expand your thinking, doing, and learning. Know how you show up at work and in life and work to create new habits, behaviours, skills and competencies that expand into new ways of thinking and doing.

  • Execute: How do you achieve and unlock this potential?.

    Create ambitious goals, design a roadmap with actions and milestones, understand dependencies and account for support systems to stay on track.

  • Engage: How are you evolving?

    Engage all your sense in regularly reflecting how far you have travelled, what you have learnt, what you need to change, and where you need to adapt.

  • Energize: What else and what’s next?

    Understand what made you push through challenging areas, where else you can you apply what you are learning and how you are evolving, what new skills you can use to thrive and flourish.

Activation to Acceleration

Our ‘activation to acceleration‘ development journeys are unique and cater to specific growth and goals requirement of leaders, managers, and individual contributors at different levels, making every journey unique to its owner.

It activates these systemic beliefs through knowledge building and accelerates its development through field execution, expert coaching, and learning through doing.

Frameworks & Instruments

We combine robust coaching methodologies of Co-Active, Marshall Goldsmith, and Positive Intelligence, use 360 proprietary assessments to guide the discovery process, and use well-researched knowledge resources, and scientific and behavioural insights to accelerate learning and mindset shifts.

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