Create Sustainable Behaviour Change. Elevate your Leadership Impact.

The work of Marshall Goldsmith has earned him the recognition as the world’s top executive leadership coach and a global thought leader in the field of leadership development. His 1:1 Stakeholder Centered Coaching® has worked for over two decades with 95% of leaders improving their leadership effectiveness while utilizing their stakeholders to work with them in the rhythm of everyday work.

To become, or remain a relevant and leading organization, it is imperative to develop increasingly effective leaders throughout the organization. And for that helping your leaders reach their potential is the key.

The Systematized Coaching process help organizations build a culture where it’s leaders:
1. Turn learning into practice; and,
2. Achieve sustainable and documented improvement in their leadership that is both recognized & acknowledged by those who work with them.

We are dedicated to further Marshall Goldsmith’s methodology and approaches, work with our Human Resource Partners in helping them build and retain this talent within their organization, and making them more successful – measurably and visibly.

the 1:1 Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process includes:

I. Kickstart
3 x 120-mins sessions

+ Leader onboarding and unpacking the results of 360 and Behavioural Interviews.
+ Determining growth areas and learning to engage with stakeholders.
+ Making your business case and roadmap.

II. On-going Coaching
Monthly Sessions

+ Engaging with your coach on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, stay on course and committed.
+ Opportunity to address pressing challenges.
+ Opportunity to learn and grow with resources and skill building.

III. Review
Monthly and Quarterly

+ Conducting monthly feedforward discussions.
+ Conducting quarterly mini-survey results and after action review.
+ Conducting final mini-survey results and after action plan.

What is Stakeholder Centered Coaching?

What makes Stakeholder Centered Coaching unique?

What’s the value-add we bring to the 1:1 Stakeholder Centered Coaching process?*

+ Bi-weekly sessions.
+ Unlimited brief check-ins.

Skill Building
+ Leader-as-Coach training.
+ Access to our Learning Portal for strengthening leadership competencies.

Team Directional Charter
+ Planning the initial direction on how you want to lead your team

What’s the outcome you are aiming for?

+ Increased awareness, acceptance, and willingness to work on moving to higher levels of performance through change planning and implementatio
+ Growth and change begins to become visible.

+ Growth and change begins to measure up.
+ Increased responsiveness of the stakeholders, recognizing the efforts of the leader.
+ Improved leadership presence and performance.

+ Measurable growth and visible lasting change
+ Improved stakeholder relationships and team performances.
+ Improved leadership results.
+ System to operate and work.

Support your Leaders. Invest in their growth. Invest in yours.