Accelerate Business Performance. Create a Culture of Recognition and Reward.

What skill(s) are going to be most important for your organization in two or five years? What sort of talent can become key contributor(s)? Does that talent already exist within your organization or can it be nurtured?

LeaderShift Unleashed© is a program that focuses on developing your ‘new’ and ‘next-gen leaders’ from within. Through 1:1 coaching and skill building, we help them step up their impact, build their capabilities to take on bigger responsibilities, and step into future leadership roles.

Working directly with the Human Resources and Line Managers, we align to what the organization needs, the skills that are (and will be) important, and the mindset that is crucial for success, and cultivate the identified talent to achieve both the organizational and individual objectives.

How LeaderShift Unleashed© Works

We work with a cohort of 5-10 identified high-performers. If your organization need us to support in identifying, we work alongside you through a workshop.

Through 1-to-1 coaching and skill building, we help each leader within the group to work on their growth plan aligned with organizational goals.

Using Marshsall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching©and Positive Intelligence coaching methodologies, we support leaders in goal-setting, remaining focused, and achieving results.

Program Outline

I. Kickstart
+ Working with the HR and sponsor (or line manager) we align on objectives and deliverables.
+ Talent onboarding and conducting 360 and Behavioural Interviews.
+ Determining growth areas, validating business case, and creating roadmap.

II. On-going Coaching
Monthly Sessions

+ Engaging with your coach on a monthly or bi-weekly basis.
+ Opportunity to address pressing challenges.
+ Opportunity to learn and grow with resources and skill building.

III. Review
Monthly and Quarterly

+ Conducting monthly feedforward discussions.
+ Conducting quarterly mini-survey results and after action review.
+ Conducting final mini-survey results and after action plan.

LeaderShift Unleashed© Outcomes:


Creates Awareness
Of one’s talent and how it can be channelized to achieve impact in current and future roles, maximizing strengths and minimizing blind spots.

Elevates Collaboration
Between generalists and specialists with improved understanding and acceptability of each one’s strengths, filling-in for gaps, and encouraging cohesiveness.

Visible & Measurable Growth
Leaders will gain confidence to come into their own, and lead with clarity, authentically, and in alignment to organizational goals and vision.

Focus NOW on those who deliver maximum value, and has the potential and the drive to deliver more . Don’t lose them.