You know you have what it takes, but when it comes to showing up, do you miss the opportunity?.

Despite being well connected at work, do you feel that your networking isn’t working for you?

Despite your continued performance record and leading your teams effectively, do you feel unrecognized or unsupported for moving into senior leadership roles?

LeaderShift Unleashed
step-up your impact and move into senior and executive roles

“Effective change and impact relies on mindset and action shifts, and that can only be met when you know and fill the gap between where you are and where you need to be to succeed.”

This program is for YOU,

Women Leaders looking to create visibility, gain credibility, and extend your influence to step-up and move into senior and executive roles.

Growth You Can Achieve

Leading impactfully with gravitas through your signature leadership brand.
Leading through your developed strategic relationships and network.
Leading your people through expertise and influence and inspiring higher performances
Leading through your commitment to organisational growth and stability.
Leading through communicating effectively, openly, inclusively and as a subject matter expert with a voice that matters.

the Program

LeaderShift Unleashed is a 12-months immersive journey with a development plan that focuses on you achieving your personal ambition of stepping-up into senior and executive leadership roles, while addressing your pain points and challenges and achieving visible and extended influence and impact. The work you do and the space that is created to ‘be, explore, learn, and reflect’ through the sessions help you expand your mindset and develop skills, competencies, and behavioural shifts that help strengthen your credibility and gain recognition for your thought-leadership and performance abilities.

How it Works

  • Introductory Call:
    The first step in creating a dynamite co-active relationship. We understand your context and goals, discover where you are in your leadership, and explore our mutual fit to ensure a strong relationship will develop.

  • Coaching Goals:
    Encompassing both short term goals and long-term aspirations, we will co-design the best path forward.

    + In an organization-sponsored engagement, your manager might be included in a three-way meeting at 3 junctures – the beginning, mid-way and on completion of coaching.

  • Bespoke Assessments:
    That help you understand and gain insights into your leadership behaviours and mindset, and areas of opportunity.

  • Discover & Develop:
    Through actions and learning, discover who you are as a leader and develop your ‘Leadership Identity‘ through the constant process of doing.

  • Development Journey*:
    Make your vision possible and real, reinforce positive habits and eliminate limiting mindset, produce effective strategies for sustainability and longevity.

*Each development journey is created and personalized to help you meet your goals, based where you are now and where you need to be to create the success and impact you desire. Each coaching session is focused on working towards your goal and areas YOU want to improve based on your goals. Through each session you learn, heighten self-awareness, see different perspectives, identify saboteurs that hold you back, understand triggers that work against you. Over sessions you begin to identify patterns within that are either self-sabotaging or self-restricting helping you work and break through them, while also appreciating behaviours and skills that are natural to you to help you be more impactful.

Become the leader you have always wanted to be.
Own your brand, leadership success, and step-up“.

Turn challenges into opportunities and move into senior leadership roles.

Still on the fence? Unsure if this is the program for you?
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