Do you often see yourself just doing tasks rather than leading projects or being at the fore-front of them?

You’ve got promoted and you are leading the team that you were once a part of, constantly facing challenges and push back?

You’ve got it – skills, expertise, knowledge – and yet you hesitate to speak up in meetings or offer ideas or constructive suggestions?

LeaderShift Coaching
for first-line, first-time and mid level leaders

“We cannot change what we are not aware of and once we are aware we cannot help but change”.

This program is for YOU,

high-potential women who are individual contributors and have the desire to seek managerial positions and lead a team.
first-line women managers who have acquired the intellectual capital from their experiences and background and desire to create deeper impact.
first-time women leaders who ain’t sure where and how to begin on being the leader you can be.

Growth You Can Achieve

Discover your unique edge that makes you and learn to lead with it.
Think objectively, communicate confidently, and learn to be strategic.
Take charge of your success and deliver higher and consistent performances in areas that matter.
Externalise your successes and leadership mindset.
Identify key relationships and align to organisational objectives.

Leadership Coaching Programs

A 6-months intense journey or a 3-months initiation journey with a development plan that focuses on you achieving your personal ambition of taking charge and stepping-up your integration, performance and impact, while addressing your pain points and challenges and achieving visible and measurable change.

How the Programs Work

  • Introductory Call:
    The first step in creating a dynamite co-active relationship. We understand your context and goals, discover where you are in your leadership, and explore our mutual fit to ensure a strong relationship will develop.

  • Coaching Goals:
    Encompassing both short term goals and long-term aspirations, we will co-design the best path forward.

    + In an organization-sponsored engagement, your manager might be included in a three-way meeting at 3 junctures – the beginning, mid-way and on completion of coaching.

  • Bespoke Assessments:
    That help you understand and gain insights into your leadership behaviours and mindset, and areas of opportunity.

  • Discover & Develop:
    Through actions and learning, discover who you are as a leader and develop your ‘Leadership Identity‘ through the constant process of doing.

  • Development Journey*:
    Make your vision possible and real, reinforce positive habits and eliminate limiting mindset, produce effective strategies for sustainability and longevity.

*Each development journey is created and personalized to help you meet your goals, based where you are now and where you need to be to create the success and impact you desire. Each coaching session is focused on working towards your goal and areas YOU want to improve based on your goals. Through each session you learn, heighten self-awareness, see different perspectives, identify saboteurs that hold you back, understand triggers that work against you. Over sessions you begin to identify patterns within that are either self-sabotaging or self-restricting helping you work and break through them, while also appreciating behaviours and skills that are natural to you to help you be more impactful.

Choose Your Starting Point

Still on the fence?
Join our bi-weekly Webinar on LeaderShift and Leadership Identity to learn how you can step-up and into a leadership role.

Take charge of your growth and success.
Go for your aspirations.”