Coaching that Supports Your Goals, Ups Your Impact & Extends Your Influence

Why Work With Us

Learn to harnesses the mindset of positivity and possibilities, tapping into your potential, uncovering and leaning into behaviours you need to be successful at work. Extend your network, get noticed and manage your career your way.

Live Your Wholeness, Resourcefulness, and Creativity in Creating Impact for Yourself

Personal Development

Become more aligned, raise awareness, and fully define and own –
Who you are, what’s important for you, who you want to be, and how you want to lead.
Behaviours and skills imperative for success, and recognising and addressing your triggers and blind spots.
Learn to activate and maintain a positive mindset looking for opportunities.

Professional Growth

Become an effective manager delivering measurable results by –
Being focused on what’s important, staying on track, and driving yourself and your team to success.
Seeking clarity on goals, deliverables, KPIs, and re-aligning with your manager and stakeholders when needed.
Stay connected to the moving parts thinking ahead and moving forward.

Workplace Success

Be recognised as an effective manager and lead your team to success
Regularly engage with your members and lead by example.
Create alignment within and how your work interacts with others across different functions and teams.
Be someone who is reliable, trustworthy, responsible, and accountable commanding respect.

We combine conventional coaching methodologies with Co-Active and Positive Intelligence (PQ)

1:1 Coaching: What it Entails

New role, new job, new work environment, new team – the star can be quite overwhelming and intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. Plan and be prepared to take on responsibilities with stride with a coach partner supporting you in this new journey.

Learn the skills, behaviours, and mindset you need to succeed. Bring challenges and areas of concern, unpack what’s working and what’s not, uncover what’s next and what needs to be actioned. Set your goals and work with your coach to stay on track and accountable to move, leap, and create success right from the outset.

Some goals our clients have brought to coaching:
Kickstarting your role as a new manager or at a new job.
Building an effective team and leading it to success.
Managing up, down & across.
Understanding circle of influence.
Making your work count and getting noticed.
Goals alignment, goal-setting, and achievement.
Running effective and efficient meetings.

What are the goal(s) you’d like to work on?

How You Can Engage Us

Coaching Program

Based on your goal(s), where you are, and where you need to be, we recommend and you decide whether it’s 3-months or 6-months.

What every program includes:
1:1 monthly coaching sessions
Learning & resources
Assessments & periodic reviews

What matters:
Session frequency: Bi-weekly 60-mins
Check-Ins: Bi-weekly 15-mins
Visibility into your progress

Program fees:
3-months: starting from US$ 1,395
6-months: starting from US$ 2,650

Monthly Subscription

Never been coached before, or haven’t yet fully explored the power of possibility through coaching, or would like to ease into self-exploration, being, and doing then start here.

What your subscription includes:
1:1 monthly coaching sessions
Learning & resources
Assessments & periodic reviews

What matters:
Pay as-you-go
Session frequency: Bi-weekly 60-mins
Check-Ins: Bi-weekly 15-mins
Visibility into your progress

Monthly subscription:
Monthly starting from US$ 525

*Get started for FREE for 14-Days.
Trial includes:
1 x 45-mins strategy session
1 x 60-mins coaching session

Get Started & Going

Step I: Strategy Session

Whether you want to work on specific goals or acquire a specific skill set, your journey begins here. In your FREE strategy session, you will work with your coach to unpack where you are and where you’d like to be, the short-term successes you want to create in line with your long-term aspirations. Your coach will take the time to understand your needs and what you need to succeed and the path that will be best-suited to meet your goals aligned to your learning pace and preferences and time commitment.

Step II: Co-Active Journey

Once set-up your coach works with you as a co-active partner holding a safe space for your exploration and learning. Beginning with the alignment session(s) to coaching sessions and periodical review, your coach works hand-in-glove with you. You commit to bring focus, dedication, openness to explore, being challenged to go out of your comfort zone, and accountability to work on the goals and actions set. Your coach commits to facilitating a powerful discovery and learning experience, being present, listening actively, and asking powerful questions that support your awareness and growth.