Coaching that Unleashes Individual and Collective Potential of Your

Why Partner With Us

We operate at the intersection of what the leader needs, what their role demands, and what the organizational strategy is.

Your people learn to harnesses the mindset of possibilities and acquire a model to become a multi-perspective, multi-dimensional, and stakeholder centered leader with fluidity, flexibility and adaptability to people and situations.

Change & Impact at Three Levels



With a development plan customized to what is important to the leader, empowers the leader to stay invested, on course, and take right actions, creating impact that benefits them and the organization.



The visible and effective upliftment in the leader’s behaviour permeates across – team, co-workers, and stakeholders that work to pursue aligned and shared outcomes, delivering better results effectively.



Synergies created across all levels, opens up a platform for collaboration, co-creation, collective thinking, and innovation creating growth opportunities for people and impact for the organization.

We combine conventional coaching methodologies with Co-Active (Leadership) and Marshall Goldsmith

What We Offer


We offer 360 Global Leadership Assessments (GLA360) that report on the leader’s self and perceived effectiveness in context of their work, perceived leadership, and organizational standing.

It combines 360 survey responses with 360 behavioural interviews (BI) to result in a well-rounded overview of where your leaders are and what behaviours will have the ‘highest return on leadership’.

GLA360 is the first and only 360 assessment in the market co-developed by multinationals for global leaders.


For coaching we utilize a robust coaching process built on both conventional coaching methodologies and Marshall Goldsmith’s proven Stakeholder Centered Coaching, while also incorporating leader’s specific needs and the people officer’s and organization’s desired outcomes.

Our process allows for transparency and visibility into the leader’s growth and change in leadership behaviours by their team, co-workers, and key stakeholders, with a clear measure of their growth.

1:1 Leadership Coaching
Team Coaching
‘Unleash’ Group Coaching


Choose from our one to two days pre-designed intensive workshops or customize your own to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Support your leaders and people in their growth with engaging learning, games, and interactions to either address collaborative or performance challenges, launching peer power hours or mentor coaching bubbles program.

Some of the workshops we run –
Thriving Teams Model
Creating Psychological Safety – Importance & Impact
Engendering Diversity & Inclusion

How You Can Engage


We help you jump-start pilot coaching programs with a few hand-picked people or work more widespread across levels, bringing in a more neutral and outside-in perspective.
Engagements range from 3-12months.



We run bite-size engagements ranging from 360 leadership assessment to facilitating learning workshops for your people, or setting up mentor-mentee bubbles for your team.
Engagements range from 1-2 months


Bringing in both a consulting hat and coaching expertise we work through and provide full range of service and programs for your leadership and people development.
Engagements are variable.

Get Started & Going


Phase I: Needs Assessment

Whether you want to create deeper business impact through people, or need support in co-creating a leadership development strategy driven by organisational strategy, or need support in addressing and overcoming a breakdown in leadership performance, we are ready to help. Our team will take the time to understand exactly what your organisational needs are and what your leaders need to thrive.

Phase II: Co-Creation

Every leader is different, so are the challenges, and so are their growth needs. We recognise this difference and how complicated it can get to align the leader’s needs with organisational strategy and goals. So we support in creating a developmental plan that meets both needs and we do it with you – HR Leader, Executive, Sponsor, and also the leader(s). We align to co-create and to drive the best outcomes for the leaders and the business.

Phase III: Invested Partners

We work as invested partners to create a seamless experience for you – from doing the up-front planning work to ensuring our coaches are best-suited to accomplish your goals; from conducting the necessary assessments to coaching your people; from facilitating three-way conversations to providing suitable recommendations or conducting learning for continued growth & development of your people.

Let’s begin a conversation to understand how can we support you and your organization.