Coaching that Unleashes the Multi-Perspective and Multi-Dimensionality Leader In You

Why Work With Us

Learn to harnesses your individuality while being a multi-dimensional leader with fluidity, flexibility, and adaptability to people and situations.

Create Change and Impact at Three Levels

Personal Impact

Become more aligned, raise awareness, and fully define and own –
Who you are, what’s important for you, who you want to be as a leader, and how you want to lead.
Behaviours and skills imperative for success, and recognising and addressing your triggers and blind spots.
Your vision and purpose, and be more future-focused, objective, inclusive, and innovative.

Leadership Impact

Become an even better leader delivering measurable results by –
Taking charge and being in command, elevating your leadership presence.
Communicating effectively – influencing, negotiating, and persuading – across your circle of influence,
Being focused on what’s important, staying on track, and driving yourself and your team to success.

Visibility Impact

Be recognised as a more effective and impactful leader who
Engages, coaches, and motivates their team to deliver higher and consistent performances.
Is aligned to their values and vision, what the role demands, and what the organization needs.
Is reliable and trustworthy, responsible and accountable, and who can inspire, command and perform.

We combine conventional coaching methodologies with Co-Active (Leadership), Marshall Goldsmith, and Positive Intelligence (PQ)

1:1 Coaching: What it Entails

This is your time to talk about what matters to you, what motivates you, leadership challenges you want to address, areas you want to improve or strengthen.

You are the driver of the session, so whether it is to be your sounding board, or a strategy partner to help with your next move or upcoming board presentation, or be an accountability partner to help you stay on track – we are there for you – to listen, to help you unpack, to help you work through the muddle, to move past and leap beyond.

Some goals that our clients have brought to us:
Developing competent leadership behaviours.
Building up your leadership brand & presence.
Balancing managing up, down & across.
Extending influence & impact.
Working through political landscape.
Building and leading thriving teams.
Time management, productivity, prioritization.

What are the goal(s) you’d like to work on?

How You Can Engage Us


Coaching Program

Based on your leadership goal(s), time and commitment level, and long-term aspirations, we recommend and you decide whether it’s 6-months or 9-months.

What every program includes:
1:1 monthly coaching sessions
Learning & resources
Assessments & periodic reviews

What matters:
Session frequency: Bi-weekly 75-mins
Unlimited 15-mins check-ins
Visibility into your progress

6-months: from US$ 5,550
9-months: from US$ 7,920

Quarterly Subscription

If you’d like to experience the power of possibilities, or looking for a partner to sort through the short-term muddle or understand your blind spots or triggers, then start here.

What your subscription includes:
1:1 monthly coaching sessions
Learning & resources
Assessments & periodic reviews

What matters:
Pay as-you-go
Session frequency: Bi-weekly 75-mins
Unlimited 15-mins check-ins
Visibility into your progress

Quarterly subscription:
Starting from US$ 2,970

*Get started for FREE for 30-Days.
Trial includes:
1 x 45-mins strategy session
1 x 75-mins coaching session

Get Started & Going

Step I: Strategy Session

Whether you want to work on behavioural changes or acquire a specific skill set, your journey begins here. In your FREE strategy session, you will work with your coach to unpack where you are and where you’d like to be, the impact you want to create and the long-term aspirations you strive for. Your coach will take the time to understand exactly what your needs are and what you need to thrive and the path that will be best-suited to meet your goals aligned to your learning pace and preferences and time commitment.

Step II: Invested Partners

Your coach works as an invested partner holding a safe space for your exploration and learning. Beginning with the alignment session(s) to coaching sessions and periodical reviews, your coach will work hand-in-glove with you on your challenges. You commit to bring focus, dedication, openness to explore, being challenged to go out of your comfort zone, and accountability to work on your strategic roadmap and actions. Your coach commits to facilitating a powerful discovery and learning experience, being present, listening actively, and asking powerful questions that support your awareness and growth.