Shift Mindset. Transform Perspectives. Elevate Impact.

Our Ethos

Nothing changes if you don’t change, and nothing moves if you don’t act“.

Committed to help our clients make impact, we work collaboratively (as invested partners) in helping evoke transformation in a way you need – through internal shifts (mindset) deriving deeper understanding of self and barriers; external shifts (actions) in the way you do things; or through a combination of internal and external shifts that create the results you desire, effortlessly and impactfully.

Using robust coaching frameworks, methodology and competencies development, we work with you to help you unpack and break through self-imposed limitations and beliefs, to learn and grow, and to thrive naturally. We empower and build leadership and team capabilities for organizations, enable previously unnoticed talent to emerge, and support high-potential professionals be more successful.

We work with organizations for their people across all levels – executive to first-level managers to employees. We also work directly with leaders and high-potential and driven professionals.

Meet your Chief Coach and Facilitator

Preeti Kurani is an Executive and Leadership Development Coach, partnering with organizations and leaders to provide focused and pragmatic guidance, facilitate learning and competency development, and evoke internal transformation and external shifts.

She brings methodologies that help align organizational vision with people engagement and development, plus 20+ years experience as an entrepreneur, business leader, sales enabler, and team leader, working in large global MNCs, regional enterprises, local SMEs and start-ups; deep awareness of working across cultures – Asians, Americans, English, Europeans, South Africans; and ability to understand organizational context and pre-empt challenges having worked directly with the board, exec. leadership, mid-management to frontline.

She brings to her engagements skilled coaching approaches, expert facilitation skills, and commitment to her clients to reach their goals. Her user-centricity, intuitiveness, and powerful listening skills adds to her rich experience amd experiences.

She is a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholders Centered Coach for leaders and teams, a Professional Co-Active Coach, works to the ICF Code of Ethics, and is backed with close to 125 hours of coach training and 100+ hours of coaching. She has coached across industries senior executives, executives and professionals.

Join our Coach Network

We are always looking to partner with talented coaches who share our ethos, spirit and are equally driven to bring coaching to the world of business.

If you are somebody who believes in what we do, passionate about what they do, and need a committed partner, talk to us. Drop us an introductory note with your coaching profile, and line up a coffee chat.

Join our People Network

Ever been to a place where you felt stuck or felt that you don’t belong. You won’t feel that in our network. network is created for like-minded individuals who thrive in similar environments and similar learning. You choose your groups, what you want to follow, who you interact with, what events you want to attend, and even what skills you want to acquire, and how.

If you are a leader or a professional looking for support and growth, this is a network you will thrive on! Join and get started! And hey don’t forget to download the app!


We’d love to talk with you. Whether it is to know more about our programs, understand if we are the right fit, or are simply curious, line up a brief chat with us, and let’s begin a conversation. We look forward to chatting with you!
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