our Mission:

Empower professionals to develop critical leadership skills, mindsets, behaviours, and actions that produce positive outcomes and elevate their impact.

our Venture:

We believe that people are the core of organizations and that organizations grow when people grow. Since 2019 we have been activating within leaders – leadership mindset, behaviours, and habits – that enable powerful shifts and create measurable and significant growth in impact and outcomes.

The mindshifts.co experience brings together robust proprietary coaching methodologies, tools, and expert coaches that work systematically and holistically to create change and impact at scale. The work we do is backed by science and systemic tools, but our approach is human-centric.

Coaching is the core of what we do but we scale your experience with us beyond just coaching – assessments & profilinglearning workshopspersonalized development journeys, and expert coaching aligning to what’s important for our clients within different contexts. We meet each person where they are and fuel deeper change and wider impact.

We look forward to partnering with you in accelerating your leadership and business growth. 

our Values:

Trusted Partnership

Courageous Commitment

Capability Building

Transformational Thinking

Intentional Being & Doing

Abundance & Integrity

your Coach:

Preeti Kurani
Leadership Solutions Architect & Head of Coaching

Preeti comes from a background of 20+ years as a growth and people enabler. She has worked based in Singapore and India with large global MNCs, regional enterprises, and also start-ups and new set-ups. She brings together broad and rich experience leading and running business and sales operations, talent development, training, and coaching, and working alongside the board, C-Suite, and Executives from diverse cultural and professional background. Her bend towards achieving growth through enabling people led me to expand my domain from being a luxury industry veteran to becoming a professional coach.

As an Executive and Leadership Coach, Preeti partner with leaders and teams across different levels of the organization who are looking to make a serious change in their performance and open to create shifts in behaviours, mindset, and approaches to create measurable and significant growth in their impact and outcomes. She designs and drives leadership training & coaching to leaders in 1-1 and team formats, and at scale through cohorts.

Operating at the intersection of business and people, my work is deeply informed by my broad and rich experience that supports the holistic development of individuals as a person, a professional, and a leader. The work we do together, strengthens your core as a leader and builds your executive confidence and influence. You lead purposeful stakeholder relationships and navigate effectively the workplace ecosystem, organizational dynamics, and changing contexts in being an impactful leader and delivering results in areas that matter.

Her coaching ethos is rooted in the underlying belief that one can achieve whatever they set their mind to, and with that she strives to bring out one’s natural creativity, wholeness, and resourcefulness in tackling any challenge head-on with clarity, belief, and focus.

Preeti is an ICF Accredited ACC, a Professional Co-Active Coach, and Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive and Team Coach.

Her client portfolio comprises leaders from a myriad of industries – financial services, fintech, media sales, legal, luxury travel, luxury jewelry, supply chain, education, IT, health & wellness among others. Some of tbe leaders she has worked with work for some prestigious organizations.

What some of our Clients are saying:

MARIA B, USA – Entrepreneur

“Coaching with Preeti was life changing.  I came to her wanting help in building the next chapter in my career path. Preeti has a gift to closely listen, hold space, tap into your inner thoughts and help guide you in identifying the root cause so that you can move forward successfully. She has an amazing ability to guide you in organizing your thinking and act from an authentic heart-felt space. Preeti’s coaching sessions helped me make positive changes and apply them not only to my career but my personal life as well. I highly recommend coaching with Preeti!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
SP, LONDON – Financial Services

“I started working with Preeti when a potential opportunity came my way to step up into a more senior leadership role. I wanted to enhance my softer capabilities while extending my reach to land that role. The work I did with Preeti raised my self-awareness and empowered me to recognize and own who I am, while working to build and change (incorrect) perceptions people held about me. The success I saw through this partnership has absolutely made her my go-to coach. There’s so much more I can say but I leave with the encouragement to work with her if you want to become a whole, confident, and innately powerful leader.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Preeti worked with me as my coach on two work related matters. She gave me the space to explore my situations and asked questions which went deeper to address my own limiting beliefs that held me back from being impactful in the workplace. I appreciate her direct communication, her prompts for me to take on different perspectives and allowing me to achieve my own “a-ha” moments at my own time and pace. Working with her definitely set me in a forward momentum at work. I highly recommend Preeti to anyone who requires that push to get into action!.

Rating: 5 out of 4.

“I have worked with a few coaches in the past, but Preeti by far has been the best coach. She allowed me the space to reflect and learn, grow to own who I am. I built my confidence, I quit my job to follow my dreams. I definitely recommend Preeti as a Coach.

Rating: 4 out of 4.

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