our Mission:

To accelerate growth of leaders through effective integration into work and workplace and enabling them to lead with context – adapting to people, situations, and the changing landscape of work.

our Venture:

We believe that people are the core of organizations and that organizations grow when their people grow. If you or your organization wants to grow, stay relevant, and adapt to constant change, we can team up with you.

Our Leadership & Executive Coach – Preeti Kurani – works with leaders who want to amplify performance, engagement, and collaboration and elevate the impact they bring to self, their team, and the organization.

We offer tailored programs for leaders and organizations, bringing robust principles and methodologies that align personal ambition with critical business context and objectives.

our Specialties:

Leadership through personal or organizational change

Creating cohesive, culturally sensitive, and inclusive teams

Preparing future leadership and for future of work

Shifting from traditional hierarchy models to leader-coach model

Organisational, team, and leader alignment

Onboarding and integrating new leaders

Creating and equitable, diverse and inclusive mindset and culture

Preeti Kurani, ICF-ACC, Co-Active and Marshall Goldsmith Executive and Team Coach

“I have always believed that real leadership is about being adaptive and contextual. Connecting with people, bringing out who they are, creating psychological safety through conversations and actions where people can show up and be vulnerable, being empathetic and inclusive despite differences, contextualizing the environment within which we and our teams operate, can help us learn, influence, and be more impactful in our endeavours while creating meaningful change.”

Preeti is an established Leadership Development, Leadership Transition, and Emotional Resilience Coach with 21+ years of global experience as a people & business leader.

In her career, she has experienced many significant organizational leadership, business focus, and strategy changes and have led her teams to remain resilient in times of change and uncertainty, be focused on goals and deliverables, and perform despite changing focus and circumstances.

She is passionate about improving outcomes and results for leaders and teams, and set up new leaders for success. She brings tried and successful robust leadership development practices and emotional resilience techniques to align leadership to critical organizational objectives.

She supports leaders and teams to bring to fore their strengths, what inherently (and coherently) is a natural way of leading for them, what is important and what matters in the context of work they do (or rather do), heightening their awareness and making their leadership more impactful.

She provides leaders and teams pragmatic guidance, coaching, tools and techniques, and nurture in them leadership behaviours and competencies that they need to navigate through the work landscape and complexities. She does this through 1:1 coaching, team coaching, and workshops for leaders and teams.

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