our Mission:

To empower and enable women leaders lead with their power through varying contexts and effectively integrate into their workplace creating the success they have always desired and beyond what they think is possible.

our Venture:

We believe that people are the core of organizations and that organizations grow when their people grow. If you or your organization wants to grow, stay relevant, and adapt to what’s needed, we can team up with you.

Our Leadership & Executive Coach – Preeti Kurani – works with women leaders who want to amplify their performance, engagement, and collaboration and elevate the impact they bring to self, their team, and the organization.

We offer tailored programs for leaders as well as organizations, bringing robust principles and methodologies that align personal ambition with critical business context and objectives.

our Values:







Preeti Kurani, ICF-ACC, Co-Active and Marshall Goldsmith Executive and Team Coach

“Hi, I’m Preeti – Head Coach & Consultant with mindshifts.co – and your Coach Partner.”

I partner with Women Leaders looking to own their power and creating measurable impact to move into senior leadership and executive positions. I also partner with anyone who has the intellectual capital and is looking to make a serious change in their performance at work and take on leadership roles.

I believe in one’s exponential potential and that when provided the right space and platform to explore, learn, reflect, and do deep work can help unlock that potential to create change at scale. This belief coupled with my other belief that ‘companies grow when people grow’ and ‘people grow when they believe and take charge‘ led me to diversify after 20+ years from being a business and sales leader to becoming a Leadership Coach and Consultant in 2019.

As a Leadership Coach for Women, I help you step-up and step into your next-level leadership.

Create the success you desire and impact beyond what you think is possible. Take charge. Grow. Lead. With me.

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